Appointment On Friday

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait until today and get more bloodwork done as CD1 came on it’s own last Wednesday (3/9). I emailed the coordinator that day and was able to get an appointment for the uterine evaluation this Friday at 10:30 am.

I looked up flights and because of prices and available flights I quickly decided to drive up for it instead. I was planning on leaving early that morning and driving (it’s about 3 1/2 hours away), but the hubs said he would really feel more comfortable if I drove over the afternoon/evening before and stayed in a hotel. That sounded fine to me. The only reason I was going to go Friday morning is because I pick up the kids and take our daughter to dance on Thursdays. A quiet night in a hotel room doesn’t sound too bad to me 😉

I had the consultation with the genetics department. As I suspected, it was much shorter than the hour it was scheduled for. It was maybe 15-20min tops. It was basically just her giving me study findings and making sure I understood and had any questions answered.

Hopefully everything looks good on Friday and we can get a transfer calendar together. At least this time we don’t have to wait for contracts to get done before getting a calendar. Once I get the okay that things look good I will take stock of my leftover meds and let the clinic know what I’ll need more of.

I’m glad it finally feels like things are moving forward. Fingers crossed for a good appointment on Friday!


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