The hubs and I got up a little extra early this morning to meet with an online notary to sign the contracts!

Now IFs and the legal guardians they’ve selected if something happens to them have to have a Zoom call with the same online notary to sign their spots. I haven’t heard when their appointment is yet. We’re still hoping to have legal clearance to the clinic by Thursday so we can go ahead with the planned transfer date of Dec. 28th.

This part where we end up in a time crunch is anxiety inducing for me. I know I can only do my part and hope that everything else aligns. It is definitely not the end of the world if we can’t plan for the Dec 28th transfer. It will be way more convenient for my family and will save IFs some money, but even if we planned on that day it could get changed for a number of reasons anyway. I have to remember that uncertainty and flexibility are the name of the surrogacy game. Flexibility is something I can do, uncertainty is what I struggle with. I’ve mentioned my type A personality here more than a few times. I don’t do well with not knowing one way or another, it causes a lot of anxiety for me. Once I have a date or plan then I’m totally fine. It’s just the not knowing that I struggle with. So, hopefully the uncertainty about whether we’ll have legal clearance by Thursday doesn’t last much longer…either way I’ll know my Thursday afternoon LOL

Edited to add:

IFs were able to have their appointment with the notary earlier today so the contract is all signed! The legal guardian part still needs to be signed, but because we’ve signed the actual contract part the agency was able to send a legal clearance letter to the clinic. I emailed our clinic coordinator to let her know that it had been sent so hopefully she is able to work on a calendar and get it to me soon. Then she’ll need to order meds through their pharmacy and get them shipped to me. If we’re still good for Dec. 28th then meds should start next week!


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