Plugging Along

We’re getting closer to getting the contracts done. IFs lawyer emailed my lawyer and I their revisions/comments. The only thing we had to go back on forth on a bit was the life insurance. My lawyer had requested a policy that was more of a normal life insurance, not surrogacy specific so that it would cover death from COVID 19. If we were going to go with the more traditional term life insurance policy it would take longer to get in place, possibly involve a medical exam, and likely push back our transfer cycle. I didn’t want to do that, but at the same time my lawyer was fairly adamant that I have some sort of coverage in the event that I died from COVID 19 as pregnant women are considered higher risk. So what to do?

I’ve been meaning to obtain life insurance for myself anyway, as that’s a thing you do as an adult so I’m way over due. I emailed out insurance agent’s office letting them know that I’m ready to get the ball rolling on life insurance for myself. His assistant emailed me back with a couple questions then sent some quotes. I let my lawyer know that I was going to go ahead and get term life insurance myself which will cover death from COVID 19. That means that IFs will just need to purchase the original surrogacy policy that they were planning on getting anyway. So we’re all set as far as I know on that.

IFs lawyer said she is going to look at the final changes my lawyer made tomorrow morning and will get back to us. Hopefully that means that the final draft can go out for everyone’s signature by the end of the week. It will feel really great to have this step behind us.

Fingers crossed we can get legal clearance to the clinic by early next week!


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