Meeting With Lawyer ✔

I just got off the phone with my lawyer. It was a super quick call, like 10ish minutes. She had already sent over a copy of the contract with her wording changes which I had reviewed. She asked if I had any questions which I didn’t, but I did need her to change my husbands pay rate or lost wages which she is going to do. We talked about the clinic a bit (just stuff like how they’re handling COVID precautions and how they require GCs be vaccinated). I let her know that we’re trying for a transfer on Dec. 28th so I would need to start meds the week of Thanksgiving. She thinks that should be fine and that we can it wrapped up by the end of next week/early the week after.

You probably caught that I mentioned a potential transfer date of Dec. 28th. I heard back from the clinic yesterday and she let me know that they are open and doing transfers the week after Christmas. She originally said I was medically cleared, but then realized that they never sent the lab order for my husband to do his blood draw. She sent that over yesterday and he went in today to have it done. She asked where we were at in the contract process as they need legal clearance before they can schedule a transfer. I let her know that we were in the middle of contracts and that I had a meeting with my lawyer scheduled. She came back and said that was great and that we can tentatively plan on a transfer on Dec. 28th and we would need to start meds around Nov. 23rd so we need legal clearance asap so a calendar can be written up and meds can be ordered.

It’s crazy to think that transfer day could potentially be less than 2 months away! I could be starting meds in just under 3 weeks! Time has really flown. I’m so excited that the “fun” part is getting closer. Hopefully we can get this contract done asap now that my lawyer is actively working on it.

Things are about to get even more real 😁


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