Contract Update

I heard from my lawyer last Friday (the 8th). She sent an email to my and the IFs lawyer letting us know that she received the contract, but didn’t have a chance to review it yet as she had a lot of babies born last week which mean she has to spend a lot of time with adoption paperwork and such. She said she will be on vacation this week (her first vacation since the beginning of 2020 and of course it falls right after our contract is ready for review 😆. It’s not a big deal, I honestly hope she’s enjoying her break if she really hasn’t had a vacation in that long. She said she has our contract on our contract on her schedule for next week to review and set up a time to go over it.

I noticed that we needed to update my husbands wages for when he needs to be reimbursed for lost wages so I sent my lawyer a copy of a recent paystub so she can update the contract.

I emailed our coordinator at the clinic last Thursday to verify our plan regarding when to take my last BCP so my cycle lines up correctly with the med screening. I was supposed to take my last pill on Saturday (10/9) and just wanted to make sure that is correct because airline tickets have already been bought. I realized Saturday morning that she never got back to me. I figured I would just stick with the plan that we had then. Sunday morning at 12:50am she sent me an email confirming that I was to have taken my last pill on Saturday. I wonder if she realized at 1am that she forgot to email me back or what, but I was very surprised to get an email from her at that time.

Now we’re all up to date and just waiting for my lawyer to get back next week to start reviewing the contract. I have two weeks until my med screening. I’m not nervous about it yet, but I’m sure I will be for at least a few days before and the day of for sure. Hopefully everything is still good and we get medical clearance soon after!


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