Forward Progress

Yesterday evening while I was out for a walk I got an email from IFs lawyer which contained the first draft of our contract. I had expected it sometime this week as IFs had mentioned that they had reviewed it.

When I got home I decided to sit down and go through it (70 pages worth). Most of it was brought over from the last agreement. Their lawyer had asked me a couple questions in the comments and I added those. I made a couple other comments regarding wording. The only big thing I asked to change was the part that said if I end up needing a c-section and the hospital won’t let IFs and my husband in the room that I would give priority to one or both of the IFs being there instead of my husband. I didn’t have it changed last time and didn’t think twice about it. I had heard that my hospital is really accommodating about having everyone in the operating room and just figured it wouldn’t be an issue. Then COVID happened and I had to think about if I needed a c-section there would only be one person allowed. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I wanted to option to have my husband there. I’ve never had major surgery like that and especially in an emergency/urgent type situation I may feel that I need my husband there. I just asked that the wording say something about me being able to make the decision at the time. Depending on the situation I may very well ask one of the IFs to be in the room, but I really would like to have the option in case it’s a scary situation and I need the extra support of having my husband there. We’ll see what their lawyer comes back with. I feel bad asking to change something that I agreed to last time, but the more I was confronted with the reality that only one person be allowed the more I realized I need to be able to make that decision in the moment, not a year beforehand.

I went through the whole contract then sent the copy with my notes to my lawyer last night. I have no idea what her schedule is or if she’s even in town at the moment. If I haven’t heard from her by the end of next week I’ll probably shoot her office an email and see what the hold up is.

I’m glad we’re getting some forward movement on the contract. We have 20 more days until my medical screening. Hopefully that all goes smoothly and we can start looking at a med schedule and a transfer at the end of December. I would really love to be able to transfer the last week in December. We will already be in the area of the clinic because of the holidays. The kids will be out of school so our family in that area can watch them without having to have someone come to our house and take them to school/pick them up. I don’t know if this is an option at the clinic. When I asked about it to the assistant clinic coordinator that I had the intake call with he said that they are typically open for normal business at that time of year except for having days like Christmas/New Years Day off. Hopefully this is the case this year and they have an opening for us that week. My type A personality likes to have a plan/date. Before we have that I spend too much time going over different scenarios, looking up potential due dates, trying to figure out how many weeks I might be at a certain time. It’s all pointless as there are soooo many variables that will change things. However, this is just how my brain works and there’s not a lot I can do about it 😆

Hopefully by my next update we’ll have a contract we’re all happy with and are getting ready to sign. Looking over the agreement this time it looks like we’ll have to have it notarized which we didn’t have to do last time. That will probably add a little time to the process because we’ll have to find a notary and make an appointment.

Have a great week!


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