T-Minus 28 Days

until my medical screening 😊

I don’t really have any other update. I think contracts are being worked on, but I haven’t heard anything other than the agency coordinator letting my lawyer know who was drawing up the contracts and where to send her invoice. It’d would be great to see some forward movement this week, but I doubt we’ll see anything for at least another 2-3 weeks. Maybe they decided to wait until after my appointment after all. In my head all they need to do is update the contract we had last time, but I’m not a lawyer so I have no idea.

I am still feeling more chilled out this go around. We’re busy with work, school, soccer, and slowly getting things ready around the house/yard for winter. I’m excited and anxious to get things going, but because we’re not trying to transfer ASAP it’s more relaxed. Now, if they’re still dilly dallying in another month or so I’m probably going to start sending out a few more emails inquiring where we’re at in the process.

I’ll be back when I have an actual update πŸ˜†


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