Wednesday Update

Yesterday our agency coordinator was back in the office and was able to get my flights booked for the med screening appointment in October. Unfortunately, due to COVID the airline that flies from our little airport to PDX has cut down their flights. There used to be several direct flights all day long to and from PDX. Now there is one in the morning and one in the evening. This means I arrive in Portland at 7:45am, have my appointment at 1pm, and don’t fly out until 9:20pm. This means I will leave before my kids wake up and be home after they’re asleep. It’s a bummer, but that’s the times we in and it’s just one day. I could drive there, but I loathe driving in Portland, plus trying to find parking and having to drive 8 hours in one day…I’ll just take my early/late flights instead.

Right now it seems like October 25th is so far away, but it’ll be here before I know it. The kids are back in school now, soccer practices start tomorrow, soccer games start on the 18th and are every weekend until 10/30 so we’ll be busy.

I’ve been getting a little burnt out at work covering maternity leave for a coworker since the beginning of June and she comes back next week. This will let me reduce my hours and the amount of days I have to be in the office. I’m really looking forward to having less time in the office and getting my super flexible schedule back. We had an absolutely wonderful summer. I mean we seriously killed it and the kids got to do so many fun things it’s ridiculous. I love summer and everything it brings (minus the wildfire smoke), but it’s exhausting. We have no routine, bed time is whenever it happens, I’m constantly packing or unpacking the trailer, and we’re away from home a lot. I love it all, but I’m ready to settle back into our non summer routine. Earlier bed times mean I actually get time to myself in the evenings. I get to relax and get some exercise in without feeling guilty about not doing something with the kids. I love seeing the kids enjoy school and learning new things. I love watching them play soccer and having fun getting some exercise in. I like being home on the weekends without a bunch of big projects to do like in the Spring.

All in all good things are happening here despite a raging pandemic and living in a country where people don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. Cheers!


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