Still Just Hanging Out

Not much to update on regarding surrogacy or anything else for that matter LOL

I did end up emailing our clinic coordinators about getting an appointment on the books in October, but haven’t heard back from them. Through an email exchange with a different person regarding login info for their patient portal I found out that our supporting coordinator (we have a main coordinator and a supporting coordinator) is out on leave this month and should be back in Sept. Our main coordinator is working though so hopefully she will get back to me soon.

Other than that I’m just hanging out. I haven’t heard anymore about being able to start contracts. Our agency coordinator said they should be started in August or September and we’re just over halfway through August so lots of time there.

We’re still in summer mode so I’m pretty chill about the waiting. Come September when we go back to our regular routine (at least the one we have 9.5 months out of the year) I think I will be more anxious to get the ball rolling.

That’s all for this short post today 🙂


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