And I’m Back

It’s been over a month since my last post for a couple reasons. First, there hasn’t been anything to update on regarding the surrogacy stuff. Second we have been busy and were out of town for two weeks, just getting back a few days ago.

I still don’t have any new news regarding the surrogacy stuff. We’re still just waiting for it to be time to start the contract and schedule the medical clearance. I’m toying with the idea of reaching out to the clinic to see if we can just go ahead and schedule the clearance since I’m on birth control and can make my cycle days line up to whatever they need them to be for the appointment (I think they want it done between CD6-CD10). Then at least the flights could be booked and maybe it will be less expensive to book them further ahead of time. I will probably inquire about it in the next couple days.

Aside from waiting on the next steps in the surrogacy process, we have been having a great summer! We spend 5 nights camping with my husband’s side of the family which included fishing, boating, games, a trip to a water park, and lots of laughing and family time. Our kids really enjoyed themselves as there were lots of kids/cousins around their age there.

From there we headed down the Oregon Coast to Brookings, OR for the next 8 nights. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there as well. We found so many fun things to do. The campground we stayed in was within walking distance to tidepools and the beach. Brookings has an amazing park that we went to and stumbled upon a free outdoor concert which was so fun. Wyatt and I went on a jet boat up the Rogue River. We went swimming and gold panning on the Smith River. We visited Ocean World and got to pet a leopard shark. We found good seafood and some fun disc golf courses. We can home with our hearts full of appreciation for the time we were able to spend with both sides of our family.

This month will be busy as well. This week is our only “slow” week. Next week the kids go to their grandparents’ house to go to the county fair there. The next week we have friends coming into town to decide if they want to move here. We’re planning on showing them around a bit, especially the family friendly stuff we have here as they have young kids. The next week the kids are camping with their grandparents not too far from our house. They’ll be using our trailer since it has bunks for the kids. This means we are taking the trailer up to the campground on Sunday and picking it up on Thursday. Friday we leave for our Labor Day weekend camping trip at Pine Hollow. We get back on Monday and the kids start school on Wednesday. I hate that summers always seem to go by so quickly. I am looking forward to getting back into our school/fall routine.


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