An Actual Update

I actually have a real update this week! Woohoo!

I think I mentioned last week that I was probably going to email the recruitment team at the agency just to see what was going on. I did that in the late morning and almost immediately got a response that said they had a meeting coming up shortly and she should have an update for me after that. Three minutes later I had an email addressed to a bunch of people at the agency as well as IFs introducing us to our new case manager. Unfortunately we weren’t able to have the same CM as last time because she has a full case load already πŸ˜• This new CM seems very nice and has been a GC twice before.

That all happened on Wednesday. On Friday I got an email from the new CM introducing herself and asking if we could set up a Zoom meeting. She offered up some days and times, none of which I could make work. I emailed her back and asked if we absolutely needed to to the Zoom. I let her know that my work schedule this summer is must more rigid that it usually is because we have someone out on maternity leave until mid/late Sept. I told her my work hours and asked if she was okay just forgoing the Zoom meeting as it’s my 3rd time with CFC and I was totally fine with just an email. She came back and said that was fine and asked some questions which I answered right back.

She told me in her first email that she would be reaching out to the clinic to let them know that we’re ready to start medical clearance for a sibling surrogacy. She said they would be getting in touch with me once they complete their administrative steps so I’m just waiting on them now. I’m hoping that they don’t take forever and we can start working on getting things scheduled. I haven’t heard anything about when/if we need to do the psych evaluations, it would be great if our last ones were still good, but I think I’ve heard that they are only good for 2 years. I’m sure we will find out!

It’s nice to finally have taken a small step forward! I messaged IFs and told them I had given CFC a little kick in pants to try and move things along a little bit. They said that they had started to draft an email to them as well, but then decided to give them a little more time. They were happy I went ahead and asked what was going on lol While we all know we’re not transferring for another 6ish months, we still all eager to have things move forward because really, it will be here before we know it!

In other news….it’s been crazy hot in the Pacific Northwest. We had record breaking temps for days in a row. Not just daily record breaking, but all time record breaking and it’s still only June! Yesterday was our hottest day at 111*F (44*C) Today it’s supposed to be cooler at 102*F (39*C) which is still stupid warm for here this time of year. Our average high this time of year is 77*F (25*C) so it being this hot this early in the summer is pretty concerning as we live in an area very prone to wildfires. The humidity has also been very low at about 14% during the day. The heat isn’t going away anytime soon either. While we do drop out of the 100s, they are forecasting we stay at or above 90*F (32*C) for the next 14 days. Our forecast changes daily in the High Desert so hopefully that changes and temps get lower. I’m sure a lot of people in the southern US, especially the SW are probably like “that’s not even that bad, our whole summer is that hot.” LOL Problem here is A LOT of people don’t have A/C in their homes because we don’t typically need it. I’ve never had central air in any of the houses I’ve lived in. Most older homes just don’t have it. We have two portable A/C units which makes us luckier than a lot of people, but even with that the house gets up to 84-84*F (28-29*C) during the day. The kids’ bedrooms are like saunas and it has been a real struggle to cool them off enough for the kids to sleep in there. We are lucky here in Bend that our overnight temperatures are relatively low. In the Portland area where most of our family lives it wasn’t getting below 80*F (26*C) at night. That makes it even harder to cool off your house enough to keep it a reasonable temperature the next day.

We are headed out for our first camping trip of the year tomorrow afternoon. Usually we’ve already been camping twice by this time of the year, but it didn’t work out that way this year so we are all very eager to go. We’ll be at a lake that I used to camp at every year as a kid. It’s my daughter’s favorite lake and tomorrow is her 6th birthday so she’s extra excited for tomorrow. It will be nice to at least be able to escape to the water when the temps start climbing.

So there we are…the first real update in weeks 😁 I doubt I will have anything new by next Wednesday with the holiday weekend this weekend, but hopefully by the next week I will have an idea when I will be going to the clinic for med clearance.


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