Another Wednesday

I had to check any make sure it really is Wednesday after I typed the title…the summer days are really starting to blur together already šŸ˜†

This is another week I don’t have much of an update on the sibling journey front. I emailed with our previous case manager to see what the hold up was. Being the awesome, helpful person she is, she asked around. She said that they were trying to figure out what case manager to put us with because she is full with cases. She said she would take us back in a heartbeat, but she doesn’t get to make the decisions. So apparently that’s the hold up. I think I might email the recruiting team again and see if I can push them along a little bit. I know we’re on a slower timeline so our stuff doesn’t take precedence, but we have a really busy summer schedule so scheduling things like psych evals and medical screening appointments might be tricky. I would rather be able to start getting things on the books before our schedule fills up more (we are always super busy in the summer. I feel like we are trying to make up for it being too cold to do much for so many months of the year. Now that the kids are in school our summers are even shorter which means busier).

In other news, school is out for the summer which the kiddos are thrilled about. We have grandparents and cousins coming this next weekend. Then the weekend after that we’re camping for the 4th of July/Liv’s birthday. It’s going to be a busy couple weeks before a slight break.

My sweet sweet first IFs sent us goodies last week! The note said they have been thinking about us and thought they would send some treats šŸ„° We talk via WhatsApp every so often. They always send pictures and videos of surro babe #1. She’s growing so fast! I can’t believe she’ll be 3 in September šŸ˜Š She has so much family around to love on her, and she seems to be soaking it all up with a smile on her face!

That’s where we’re at as of right now. Nothing going on, just more of the waiting game. I will say that I am being way more patient than in times past because we’ve got some time before we want to transfer. Hopefully by the time the end of the year starts closing in we already have everything taken care of.

Have a great week!


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