1 Year Old

Today surro babe #2 is a whole year old! It’s funny how it can seem like yesterday and years ago at the same time.

She is getting so big and seems to be just a joy for her dads. We keep in touch regularly, especially since we’re working on a sibling for her! I get to see pictures of their adventures and hear all about what they’ve been up to.

I got an email this morning saying that the clinic gave me their pre-approval. The agency contact said that once IFs have all their “ducks in a row” we will switch to our coordinator. I would imagine that it will be soon since IFs are always on the ball so once the agency tells them what they need I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon.

For some reason…and there truly is no rhyme or reason to this guess, but I feel like their last embryo is a boy. I think that just stems from the thought that it would be cool to carry another boy to bookend the 3 girls between my son and what I’m almost positive will be my last pregnancy. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that the transfer goes well and their little one decides to stick around. It would be a great way to end this chapter of my life (the carrying and delivering babies chapter that is).

We will have to wait and see what this adventure has in store for us! Until then…a very very happy 1st birthday to surro babe #2!


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