Another Weekly Update

It’s Wednesday again so it’s time for another weekly update 😊

There’s not a lot to update on. I got an email from the agency last Friday letting me know that they were still waiting on the pre-approval from the clinic. Once we have that we’ll get moved over to our case manager to start making appointments I think.

I decided to email the agency contact today just to see if she could tell me how the insurance review came back and if ArtRisk thought we would be able to use my insurance for pregnancy coverage. She wrote back very quickly and let me know that they expect my insurance to cover a surrogacy pregnancy…woohoo!! This is great news for everyone. It saves IFs from having to pay premiums on a plan that likely would have either high premiums or a high deductible. We also don’t have to go through the hassle of having ArtRisk try to find a surrogacy friendly plan in the marketplace in Nov. or go thorough the administrative steps to get signed up for a plan. It takes a lot off of everyone’s plates which is great.

I decided to email the clinic today “just to make sure they received my records”. I know they did, it was more of a nudge to say “we’re waiting” 😏 Maybe I’ll hear back from them tomorrow

It’s been close to 100 degrees yesterday 😜 When I said I wish it would warm up a little (when it was 55 degrees) this isn’t exactly what I meant. Luckily it will start cooling down tomorrow (to 89 degrees lol) than keep getting cooler until it’s more reasonable temperatures.

Our schedule is about to get busy. We spent Memorial Day Weekend with family at the coast. We have a weekend home this weekend. The following weekend we have a wedding to attend in the valley (3 hours away). Then the next several weekends are taken up by redoing our son’s bedroom, family visiting, a short camping trip, then preparing and going on our two week camping trip…and that only takes us to August 7th! The summers always fly by for us because we like to do as many things as we can winters can be long and cold here.

Have a great week!


One thought on “Another Weekly Update

  1. I haven’t been keeping up with you posts here – and we haven’t talked about where you are at in the process – looks like things are coming right along and the check off list is getting lots of checks 😊 SO EXCITING!! Hoping things continue to go smoothly 😍

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