Weekly Update

Reading back over my old blog posts I was reminded that with surro journey #2 I decided to try and write weekly updates from early on in the process so that I would have posts to read in the future. I loved (and still love) going back through my old posts and following along with the matching, clearances, IVF cycles, pregnancies, and deliveries. With that in mind I’m going to continue to try and do a post a week even if there isn’t much to update on. Then if we hopefully end this next journey with another healthy baby and GC I can follow along again and remember the ups and downs.

This week will be a week that I don’t really have an update. I think my last post mentioned that the contact at the insurance review place said she was going to send in completed review to the agency last Thursday. I emailed the surro coordinator at the agency on Monday to make sure that I didn’t need to be doing anything this week (I don’t want people having to wait on me!). She said that there wasn’t anything for me to do. She said that they were wrapping up my preapproval and once that is complete they will move us back to our awesome case manager and we’ll start the next steps. She didn’t elaborate on what specifically would be the next step. Medical clearance with the clinic maybe? Or psych evals? I think they did psych first the last two times so probably that.

I’m feeling pretty excited to be moving along, but not in a rush like last time. Last time I was trying to make sure we would have time for an Aug/Sept transfer so the timeline was tighter. So when the matching process took longer it was frustrating and I annoyed the surro coordinator with messages wondering what was going on. This time we don’t have that pressure so I’m not feeling the rush to get things done. I mean would I love to get things going? Absolutely! My coworker is going on maternity leave any day (minute?) so I will be working more and we have a busy summer planned so fitting in appointments and a trip for med clearance to Portland may be a little more complicated. We’ll make it work of course, but I’d love to be able to start making some sort of plans/appointments so they don’t end up booked out further than we would like.

Patience is the name of the game!


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