Another Check

Yesterday a company called ArtRisk who specializes in dealing with insurance stuff with surrogacy situations, conducted a review of my insurance. They call the insurance then conference me into the call so I can give the insurance company the okay to give the ArtRisk representative information about my benefits.

The ArtRisk rep said that she would send the review to our agency on Thursday (so the day after tomorrow). When I inquired with my insurance about maternity coverage when acting as a GC they told me (through message so I have it in writing lol) that I would be covered and there is no surrogacy exclusion. I’m very interested to know if they told ArtRisk the same thing. It would be really great if my insurance could be used this go around. It would save IFs from having to purchase a separate insurance policy. We will have to wait and see. I have heard that a lot of times, even when the insurance says they will cover it, that ArtRisk will suggest a back up policy just in case. I assume this is to cover their behinds as they don’t want to say it’s covered only to have it denied later.

So that was another thing that was able to be checked off the to list. I don’t know what will come after that. I know the IFs have been in contact with the fertility clinic, but the clinic doesn’t want to move forward with anything until we’re officially “matched” by the agency. I think that just means that the agency reaches out to the clinic and sends my records for review. We will have to wait and see.


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