Checking Off Tasks

Not a lot to report on at the moment. I’ve been gathering the documents that the agency needs to get things going. My husband and I both had forms that needed electronic signing as well.

The things that the agency needed to get started were

▪ Electronically signed HIPAA forms for my husband and I (this basically gives the agency the OK to gather any pertinent medical records to review and send them to the fertility clinic. I already sent them my records to save them some time though)

▪ Electronically signed GC Agreement (this covers my responsibilities as a potential GC. I have to initial sections saying that I will update the agency and IPs if anything changes with my health, employment, insurance benefits, etc. I have to agree that I understand the agency is the legal representative of the IPs and I will have my own lawyer. I agreed to fill out all forms promptly. There were other sections as well, but I don’t remember them off hand.)

▪ Pay stubs for my husband and I. (This allows them to calculate lost wages for time off for medical screening, transfer, post partum, and if any bed rest is needed)

▪ A copy of our insurance benefit book to review for any exclusions of a GC pregnancy (This should have been super easy to track down, but it was kinds of a pain. Usually you can access this on your insurance’s website, but ours said to log into my husband’s employer’s website. So he had to create a login only to find that it’s not a document that is available on that website either. I called their member benefit number, but they wouldn’t talk to me because I’m not the employee. My husband called and asked for it and they gave him the run around about it. They gave him excuses why they don’t give it out. He ended up emailing his company HR department who was able to email the whole document. Now that the agency has it they will review it for any exclusions that would mean they won’t cover a GC pregnancy. I looked it over and didn’t see any mention of an exclusion, but I’m not a professional 😆 If they don’t see anything obvious they will send it to a company who specializes in insurance reviews who will call my insurance, patch me into the call to give the insurance company the okay to talk to them, then the company will ask very specific questions about my coverage. If they determine that my insurance will cover a surrogacy pregnancy then that is great news because it means the IFs don’t need to pay for an additional plan which can be expensive, so fingers crossed! If they determine it won’t cover a GC pregnancy then we know that come open enrollment in the fall we will need to find a surro friendly plan…our healthcare system is soooo ridiculous🙄 )

I think that’s all the documents I’ve sent to them so far. I had already sent them my medical records last week so they have those.

Now I’m just waiting to hear what my next step is!


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