Intake Call

Today I had a quick phone call with the gestational carrier intake manager at my agency. Fun fact: she was actually the coordinator for my first journey. She’s awesome and I love her 🙂

We just went over a few informational things. She let me know that I would need to fill out and submit a new application with the agency. This is super easy to do so no big deal. She said she would need my OB and hospital records from my last pregnancy/delivery. I already went about getting not only these, but the records from my last 3 pregnancies/deliveries. My OB switched offices after my oldest was born and his pregnancy/delivery records disappeared and I’ve never been able to recover them. Fortunately I don’t need them. I emailed them to her today and she will send them to the fertility clinic for review at some point. She’ll need some signed HIPAA forms from my husband and I. They will also do a review of my current insurance to see if it will cover a surrogacy pregnancy. She said that IFs were going through some intake steps as well and that she thought we would be working with the initial intake people for a couple months before we get moved back to our previous coordinators care.

She said that she would start sending me emails “soonish” with things that she needs, but it didn’t sound like it was going to be anytime this week or next. Because we all know that we’re not transferring until the end of the year or beginning of next year she’s not in a particular hurry to get our stuff done. I know she is incredibly busy and I’m sure has a lot of items on her to do list that would take priority over our stuff because we’re not on a tight timeline. I’m not typically a patient person so it’s good practice LOL It enforces that getting things going now is a good decision though.

So no major movement forward, but baby steps in that direction! For some reason spring time always makes me miss being pregnant so I’ve been anxious to get started…I know I have to stick to my timeline though because my body needs it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not super excited to be moving forward now 🙂


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