1 Year Ago

A picture came up on my Timehop that reminded me that 1 year ago I was just starting meds for the IVF cycle that would eventually result in the most recent surro babe. It’s always so amazing to me the difference a year can make. She’s now almost 11 weeks old already!

I won’t lie, seeing the pictures of meds and the med calendar wakes up that part of my brain that is ready to jump in again. I have to remind myself why I need to wait and at this point it’s easier to not get ahead of myself. Come next spring/summer I will be more anxious to get going.

In other news surro babe #1 is almost 2 already!! She is so sweet and looks so grown up these days. I love getting pictures and updates from her dads. They are absolutely lovely people and I’m so happy they’ve chosen to stay in touch. More pictures popped up the other day of when I flew to Las Vegas for my screening with their RE three years ago. It’s amazing how fast time can fly.


3 thoughts on “1 Year Ago

    • They still aren’t in their home country yet 😕 they were able to leave the states and go visit family in a different country though. They’re hoping they’ll be at home and settled next month 😊


      • Holy cow! That’s a challenge with a newborn! I’m glad they at least get to see family and hopefully spend some good quality time with them. And it’s nice that family, especially those in a different country, get to meet the baby. Young Miss will be at least nine months old before she meets most of her family. 🤯

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