Man, I am getting terrible at remembering to do these! This weird pandemic schedule has me all discombobulated.

Blood sugars are still great so my OB said I could go to testing every other day. It’s been really nice to have a break from that.

The ultrasound went great. She was measuring right on track at about 6lbs (give or take 14 oz). That was the 56th percentile, so right at average. I thought for sure she was going to be big, but it must be her position that makes me feel huge 😆 Since she is measuring average and this will be my first induction before my due date (it will be at 39+2), she may actually be the smallest baby I deliver and the first one under 8 pounds.

As of right now the hospital policy is still only one support person for me during labor & delivery (my husband) who can’t leave & come back and can’t be switched out for someone else. Once baby is born she is her own person and one of her dads will be allowed to come in the hospital and care for her in a separate room until she’s discharged. It would be great if that loosens up in the next 3 weeks and at least one of her dads can be in the room when she’s born. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 36+4 weeks

How big is baby: size of a papaya, 6.5lbs & around 19 inches long…I wonder if she’s longer and that’s why she feels big 🤷‍♀️

Symptoms: the Braxton Hicks have gotten more frequent and happen throughout the day. I get some cramping here and there. If I don’t remember my Pepcid I get heartburn at night. My lower back and sciatic have been hurting so I take a bath almost every night. Last pregnancy at this point I was seeing a chiropractor and getting massages. With everything just opening up for non emergent treatments I just never made an appointment and figured I’m so close to the end that I’ll just tough it out.

Movement: still very active and her bum is still usually up in my ribs. I keep bouncing/sitting on my yoga ball at night hoping it will encourage her to drop and give my lungs and ribs some space

Sleep: Not terrible, but sometimes if I wake up fo any reasonother than to pee then I can’t go back to sleep. That would be why I’m writing this at 5:30am…my daughter woke up and couldn’t find her blanket, so here I am 🤦‍♀️

Food cravings? they have been soooo random this pregnancy! Recently it’s been pizza, nectarines, egg rolls, deviled eggs, and as always, sweets

Anything making you queasy or sick? eating too much because she’s squishing my stomach

Next appointment: I have my first in office appointment since March 4th tomorrow. It’s time for the GBS swab so I actually have to go in. She said she’d check my cervix if I wanted, but I’m undecided. I also think they’ll do a non stress test as well due to the GD.

19 days until baby comes!!


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