26 Weeks

Totally forgot to add the pictures and post…oops!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 26 weeks

How big is baby: size of a butternut squash, about 14.25 inches long

Symptoms: I think we can all assume that “tired” will always be listed in this section. My husband mentioned last night that he thought I would be past that part by now. I explained that the 4th time around 1st trimester last until about 23-24 weeks because that’s when I stopped feeling terrible everyday and we have now moved straight into 3rd trimester symptoms of heartburn, aches, insomnia, etc. I let him know that my energy level after first tri did go up. It went up to “not quite as debilitatingly tired” LOL

Movement: she is still a super active girl…I honestly don’t know if she ever sleeps more than 30 min at a time because it seems like she is ALWAYS moving

Sleep: this week hasn’t been great. I caught the kids’ cold and started having some really strange dreams. Last night I finally got a decent nights sleep even though I had a kid visitor around 2am because he had a bad dream for the second night in a row

Food cravings? hamburgers, fruity candy, salads, breakfast

Anything making you queasy or sick? I’m still mostly okay. For some reason yesterday I felt terrible, may have been due to lack of sleep.

Next appointment: OB appt 4/14


3 thoughts on “26 Weeks

  1. Colds while pregnant should be illegal. I caught one over the weekend and it’s TERRIBLE. I already had trouble breathing and now this?! Not cool. I hope you manage to get some more sleep, and feel better soon!

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