First an ultrasound report! We had the anatomy scan on Monday. Baby measured right on track and all the organs and blood flow they checked looked perfect. We also found out that baby is a GIRL! So IFs are expecting a little girl in June ❤

Weekly Update:

How far along: 20 weeks, yay for halfway!

How big is baby: Size of a endive…10 inches (we’re now measuring from head to toe instead of rump to crown)

Symptoms: I’m starting to feel better in the nausea department. I’ve been able to space out the days I take Zofran. I’m starting to get heartburn already so I now travel with Tums wherever I go. I’m also tired, a lot. It’s my constant state of existence and I’ve been struggling a bit with it. I don’t like telling my kids that I’m too tired to do something so I try to power through, but it can be hard.

Movement: I can tell she’s getting bigger because her movements are much more pronounced.

Sleep: I haven’t been sleeping great. It takes a long time to fall asleep and I wake up frequently. This is not helping in the “I’m so tired” department

Food cravings? salads, fruit, hummus and veggies, fruity candy

Anything making you queasy or sick? breakfast, no matter what it is I feel icky after

Best moment of the week? having a great ultrasound and finding out I’m carrying another girl 🙂

Next appointment: OB appt on 2/20


3 thoughts on “Halfway!

  1. Oy, I feel you in the sleep department. But yay for being halfway!! And it’s a girl! That’s so exciting! I hope your heartburn eases up. That’s the toughest part for me since I only ever get it while pregnant. And hopefully you can feel rested soon!

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  2. That’s so exciting! Wow, 20 weeks. That’s amazing, and congrats for making it halfway. I live with chronic fatigue and I know it is SO hard to tell a kid that you just can’t keep up in the same way. They just have endless energy! I hope the nausea continues to decrease for you and that you get a bit more energy as you head into the second half!

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