Weekly Update:

How far along: 12 weeks 2 days (late this week due to Thanksgiving 😊)

How big is baby: Size of an apricot…about 2.1in

IVF meds: none!!

Symptoms: still nauseous off and on, but the last two days I’ve felt mostly good. I get uncomfortably full pretty easy and it takes a little while to feel normal.

Sleep: okay…sometimes I wake up and to pee and it takes awhile to get back to sleep

Food cravings? I’ve definitely been having more cravings lately. Salad, pineapple, strawberry ice cream, and carrots. These are all totally new cravings for me, they’re nothing I’ve wanted in previous pregnancies

Anything making you queasy or sick? getting too full, but it’s not really nauseous, more just uncomfortable

Happy or moody? Mostly happy

Best moment of the week? Spending extra time with family

Next appointment: I’ll have another ultrasound and blood test in the next two weeks, we don’t have an appt yet. Then next OB appt is on Dec. 19th


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