I’m doing this a day early this week because we had an ultrasound today! Baby looked great 😊 It’s amazing how much they grow in such a short amount of time. Baby had a heart rate of 173 and we were able to see he/she rolling around. This ultrasound is the most nerve wracking for me because it seems like when a lot of missed miscarriages are discovered. I’ve seen so many stories where they had a great first ultrasound around 7 weeks then later found out the baby stopped growing around 8-9 weeks.

There was definitely a sigh of relief when I saw the heart flickering. I still held my breath until she took the measurements and they were right on track (a day ahead actually). Then I could finally start breathing again!

Baby looked like it was resting his/her head on the yolk sac which the tech thought was super cute LOL She printed out lots of pictures and as soon as I got to the car I snapped pictures of the pictures and sent them off to the IFs. They were able to tell one set of parents (baby’s grandparents) in person a d call the other set. I’m sure it felt great to be able to finally tell someone about this exciting thing in their lives!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 9+6

How big is baby: Size of a kumquat, about 1.25 inches

IVF meds: 1.5mL of Progesterone and .25mL of Delestrogen Mon/Fri Low dose aspirin and prenatals. I got the instructions for weaning of meds. I lower my dose of PIO to 1mL for 5 days then .5mL for 5 days. Friday and Monday I’ll take .1mL Delestrogen then be done with it.

Symptoms: nauseous off and on, mostly on to some degree. I have been feeling better though. I have to make sure I eat about every 2 hours. My stomach can’t be empty, but it can’t be too full either, it’s a delicate balance.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping pretty good, but I’m still always tired

Food cravings? not too many and nothing consistent.

Anything making you queasy or sick? letting my stomach get empty, eating too much, not walking on the treadmill at least 20 min a day (same as last week)

Happy or moody? Mostly happy, but I’m exhausted by the end of the day so more moody then

Best moment of the week? Having great ultrasound results this morning!

Next appointment: OB appt on 11/25


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