Ultrasound Results

Today was the day I woke up early and flew to Portland to have our first ultrasound done at ORM Fertility. I was hoping to be able to do this ultrasound in Bend so I didn’t have to take a whole day flying up here and back. It would have saved my IFs a lot of money, but the RE insisted so at 6:55am I was flying to PDX.

Of course on a morning I have to wake up super early the kids would sleep terribly. My day started at 2:15am with the first wake up and I maybe got a cat nap in between then and 5 when I had to get up. Lack of sleep is one thing that makes my “morning” sickness worse. So even though the flight was only about 40 minutes long, it was a very long 40 min of me trying not to need the puke bag in the seat pocket 🤦‍♀️😳

When we finally touched down what felt like 5 hours later, I had about and hour an a half before I needed to get on the train. Last time I was at PDX I found where they keep the comfy chairs with foot stools. I headed straight there and curled up for an hour long nap. When I woke up my stomach felt a little better. Honestly the only thing that makes it feel mostly okay is walking, which is okay sometimes, except when you have to be in a plane or a train like I do today.

Anyway, I hopped on the train to go to the clinic. I got there right at my appointment time after hustling from the train stop so my pulse was a bit high when the checked my vitals LOL

They took some blood to check estrogen and progesterone levels. I was then taken to the exam room. I didn’t have to wait long and the doctor was there to do the ultrasound.

Right away I could see the gestational sac and the baby in the middle of it. After pointing out the outline of my uterus he went back to the baby where I could see the heart flickering. Cue a sigh of relief! He measured the heartbeat which was 138. He measured the baby who was measuring right at 6 weeks 6 days which is exactly how far along I am. He checked each ovary and said everything looked great! It was so fast! I’m used to the ultrasounds at the imaging clinic where they take multiple measurements and views.

We went over next steps and I was able to convince him (after some begging) to let me do the next ultrasound in Bend. Thank goodness!

I got an email stating that I should decrease my estrogen from .3mL to .25mL and my progesterone from 2mL to 1.5mL.

The next ultrasound will be on Nov. 13th when I’ll be about 10 weeks.

I’m so excited for my IFs!! Fingers crossed things continue to go smoothly for us!


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