3rd Beta Results

Today was 3rd beta day…

Since the number was 200 on Monday at 13dpt we were looking for a number of around 400 or above. Again it was another loooong wait to get the results. I got my blood drawn at 9am and it was 3:45pm before I got the email from the clinic coordinator.

Once again it was above where it needed to be, yay!! Here’s a recap of all the numbers:

1st Beta @ 9dpt: 40

2nd Beta @ 13dpt: 200

3rd Beta @ 15dpt: 482

We might have started out on the lower side, but they’ve been more than doubling every 48 hours which is a great sign. The first ultrasound is scheduled for 10/23. I’ll be 6 weeks and 6 days so we should hopefully be able to see a heartbeat if everything goes well.

Tomorrow, I’ll be 5 weeks pregnant. I’ll start my weekly updates and be optimistic that I will get to continue them until next June šŸ™‚

I’m so excited for my IFs! Fingers crossed things continue to go well!


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