2nd Beta Results…

This morning I dropped the kids of at daycare and school then headed to the lab for my 2nd blood draw.

Once the lab was done the waiting began. I was a bundle of nerves all day waiting to hear from the clinic about the results. I had taken another home test Sunday morning and the line was considerably dark so I knew the number would be higher, but would it be high enough?

(Dpt=days past transfer)

I waited, and waited, and waited….at 3:30pm I decided I couldn’t wait anymore and called the clinic. For the first time it was actually my coordinator that answered the phone. I told her I was calling to see if they had my results yet “oh yeah, I think we did” then why haven’t you called me yet??? Don’t you know I’m going crazy over here waiting?!?!

She looked in my chart and said that today’s results looked great! She said that the number was 200.6!! I was soooo relieved to hear that number. Betas should double about every 48-72 hours (they like it closer to 48 hours). So by that math it should have been at least 160. I was so happy that it had exceeded the 160 mark.

We chatted a bit about the next steps. I’ll have another blood test on Wednesday. That number should be at least 400. If all is well with that test we will schedule an ultrasound around the 22nd. I’m sure I’ll be just as nervous waiting for those results.

After hanging up with her I immediately sent a message to the IFs to let them know the good news! I’m sure they were anxiously waiting as well. There were a lot of people waiting to hear the results so I sent out lots of messages to people letting them know. It’s funny (and pretty awesome) how my friends and family get invested in this process. My previous IFs and I had so many people cheering us on last time. This time around my current IFs and I have the same amount of people if not more in our corner rooting for us. I always have people asking how it’s going, where we’re at in the process, how the latest blood tests went, and so on. It’s really great to have so much support. That is not the case for all surrogates. I have seen many stories of friends and family who have nothing but negative things to say. I’ve been very blessed to have not heard a single negative comment about it.

An email arrived a short time later justreiterating what I had already discussed with the clinic coordinator.

Being cautiously optimistic is a delicate balance. You know that at any point it could all come tumbling down, but at the same time you’re wishing your hardest that things go well.

So once again, please keep you’re fingers crossed that Wednesday’s test results 🤞🏼🤞🏼


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