1st Beta Results

Yesterday (Thursday) morning I went in for my 1st beta (pregnancy blood test).

I knew there would be a number, but my home tests had been pretty light so I knew it would be on the lower end.

The wait to hear from the clinic was difficult. Knowing that the number would be low end made it even harder. However, I would definitely be prepared for it rather than going in thinking it’s going to be a normal number and then having it be low.

The clinic coordinator called about 2:30pm and let me know that the result was positive at 40. They like to see it at 50 or above at 9 days past transfer (I was at 8.75dpt). She said they have definitely seen numbers in my range be successful and the most important thing is that the numbers increase appropriately. They should double every 48-72 hours. The next blood draw will be on Monday and if the numbers are rising then I’ll have another one on Wednesday.

I’m hoping that we just have a late implanting embryo who took his/her sweet time settling in. I’ve heard plenty of stories in the surrogacy groups I’m in of numbers around mine or even lower turning into healthy pregnancies so it can happen. I’m hoping we’re one of the lucky ones that have that happen.

My symptoms have really ramped up since my last post. I’ve been absolutely exhausted by the evening, like I could fall asleep standing up. 😴😴 Sometimes I only make it to the afternoon before I’m that tired. That should make for a fun weekend with just me and the kids since the hubs is gone hunting until Sunday evening. The last 2-3 mornings my stomach has not felt great. Yesterday all I could stomach for breakfast was 1/2 a protein shake and some popcorn. This morning it felt better and I was able to eat a real breakfast. I’ve also been way more sensitive to smells. This morning someone smelled like cigarettes and really strong smelling shampoo…it took me a minute to get my reaction and stomach under control. I’ve also been more emotional than usual. Ever watch This Is Us while pregnant and jacked up on IVF drugs? No? It’s super fun to be a blubbering mess the whole time…Same goes for NCIS when a favorite old character comes back for a couple episodes LOL

Add to all that the cough I’ve caught from the kids and it’s been a thrilling last week haha! It sounds like I’m doing some heavy complaining, but I’m really fine. I’m pretty good at taking all this in stride. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments, but I always realize that it’s the hormones and meds making me feel a certain way and that it will pass. All this is only temporary and it’s for a wonderful cause. Parts of pregnancy aren’t fun whether you’re a surrogate or pregnant with your own, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it 🙂

Waiting until Monday to get a clearer picture of what’s going on is going to be rough. Patience is not my strong suit. I hate unknowns and just want to know one way or the other.

My sweet IFs sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday! They knew I was struggling with the awful weather we’ve been having (including snow last weekend) and wanted to send me a little bit of color to brighten things up! It definitely made my day! It was so sweet of them to think of me and go through all the trouble of organizing with a local to me flower shop from all the way across the ocean.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that this little embryo keeps growing like it should!


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