Here we are just a few days away from the first beta test (3 1/2 days to be more precise). I’ve still been having on and off cramping. I think I’ve been more sensitive to smells as well, or at least I have a heightened sense of smell.

Other than those couple things I feel totally normal. I think I mentioned before that all of these things can be caused by the hormones as well so any “symptoms” at this point don’t mean much.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long on Thursday to get the test results. The waiting is seriously so hard! I just want to know what’s going on in there! I’m sure the IFs are counting down the days to beta too. 9 days doesn’t seem that long until you’re waiting for something like this! Then, if that result is good we’ll be waiting for the next test to see if the HCG level is rising appropriately. If it’s negative we’ll start looking at a new transfer date. The other thing that’s a possibility is a low number which may indicate a chemical pregnancy which is when the embryo implants, but then stops growing for some reason. In that case there’s usually a follow up beta to make sure the number is dropping. Please send some positive vibes that we get a good result on Thursday!

Hurry up and wait is the name of the game!


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