We’re at 3dpt (days past transfer) now. The husband and I flew home yesterday and it was great to see the kiddos again, they were pretty excited we were home. We brought them little presents so that made them even happier 😉

I’m feeling pretty good. My back if feeling much better. It actually felt better yesterday morning when I was finally able to get out of bed. I’ve had some cramping off and on which is totally normal…it’s also totally normal to not have cramping so it all means nothing LOL I’ve had heartburn which I only get when I’m pregnant, but not usually until I’m 20+ weeks. I read today that the progesterone can cause it, plus laying down so long is probably a contributing factor. I was also exhausted when I got home. You would think that after being in bed for a day and a half I would be all rested up. Apparently not, I didn’t take one nap while on bed rest, but within an hour of being home I crashed hard on the couch. It didn’t even keep me from going to bed at my normal time either.

I’m so glad to be done with the Medrol (steroid)! I started sleeping better as soon as I stopped taking it. Right now I’m just taking the PIO everyday and Delestrogen on Mondays and Fridays. The skin on my hips where I inject is definitely toughening up because I rarely feel the needle pass through the skin anymore. I do, however, have two very sore injection sites. It feels like having a sore muscle or bruise. I typically try to walk after the injections to disperse the medication. Obviously I couldn’t do that for a couple days so the area got a little lumpy and sore. I’m back to walking after them so hopefully that helps.

5 more days until beta!!


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