It’s Transfer Day!!!

We got to Portland yesterday evening and had dinner at the airport. We then hopped on the train for the 45 minute ride to our hotel. We got checked in and spend the rest of the evening just hanging out.

I had a little snafu with one of my injections last night. I was doing the delestrogen injection and couldn’t tell if the tip had pierced the skin or not so I made a slight adjust to see it better. The syringe slipped out of my hand and ended up hanging off my hip by just the tip because it had made it just through the skin. It stung sooo much, I had a few choice words and danced around a bit after I got it out LOL I replaced the tip (once they go through the skin it dulls it a little) and did that injection and the PIO injection without further incident.

This morning we’re going to find a place to eat then come back to the hotel until it’s time to walk across the street to the clinic. The transfer shouldbe around 1pm then we’ll come back to the hotel and my bed rest will begin. The bed rest will end Thursday morning and we’ll head home at 11:30am.


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