We’re A Go!

Yesterday morning I went in for my last blood draw before we go to the clinic for the transfer (they will do another blood draw there before the actual transfer). I thought I would have to wait until around 5pm to get the email from our clinic coordinator as that seems to be the time when she sits down to do her emails, so I was pleased to get an email from her at 3:30pm saying that my results were good and we could plan on being at the clinic next Tuesday for the transfer!!

It felt like a huge weight off my shoulders to know that we would be for sure at the clinic next Tuesday since we already had the flights and hotel booked.

I started my PIO (progesterone in oil) injections Wednesday night. These are also IM injections, like the delestrogen, and done in the hip area. I was a little nervous to do these because the liquid can be thick and hard to push through the needle. I remembered to warm it up in a heating pad for a few minutes first and it went in a lot easier than the delestrogen (which I will be remembering to warm up beforehand from now on). Sometimes the PIO can sting when injected, but I didn’t have any trouble with that. I did notice that all throughout the night the area got more and more sore. It would wake me up whenever I changed positions. I worked from home yesterday so I put a heating pad on the area all day long and today it feels better.

I was super nervous to try the injection with my left hand last night. I’m so right hand dominate that it’s not even funny. Not to mention my range of motion to reach around behind me it even more limited on my left. I have been trying to stretch out my shoulders to improve it, but had only been doing it consistently for like a day LOL Much to my surprise the injection went smoother than it did when I did it with my right hand. I think it was due, in part at least, to the fact that I had to used very measured, slow, deliberate movements to make sure my hand actually did what I wanted it to do. I must have done a decent job with the placement too because I have zero soreness in the area today. Today though, the dose doubles from 1cc to 2cc. That may cause more soreness and a knot in the area, but I’m doing a couple things to try and prevent that. The first is doing the injection right before I do my nightly walk on the treadmill to try and get the PIO dispersed. I also lay on a heating pad for a bit before I go to sleep at night. I know from experience though that weeks of nightly injections in the same area will eventually cause the area to be sore with a knot or two. I’m not sure how having a second IM injection on Mondays and Fridays will play into that since the delestrogen hasn’t caused any discomfort thus far. Last time I had soreness and numbness in the area for months after I stopped the injections. It’s all completely worth it though and we would all do it again and again if it gets our IPs their baby!

I also got the go ahead to start a the doxycycline and medrol last night. I was nervous about starting the medrol because I know steroids can cause insomnia and I’m not a great sleeper anyway. Sure enough I tossed and turned until my daughter came to snuggle at 4am. After I took her back to her room I couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m not one to get out of bed when I can’t sleep, I usually just lay there because it’s comfortable LOL I eventually got on my phone for a bit then tried to fall asleep again. I didn’t end up dozing off again until right before my alarm went off. Luckily I only have to be on this through the day of the transfer, so five more doses and I’m done. The next few days are going to be rough though if I can’t sleep. Maybe my body will adjust and I’ll be able to get some zzz’s this weekend.

This weekend we’ll spend getting some errands done (per usual) and getting the house ready for AJ and I to be gone next week. We fly out Monday evening at 5pm and get home Thursday about 1pm. My mother in law is coming to watch the kids so I’ll try to have everything clean and organized for her so it’s as easy as possible to get the kids to where they need to be on time. Luckily the kids are old enough now to help her if she has questions or isn’t sure about something.

Let the countdown to transfer begin!


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