Contracts Done!

We are done with the contract! Woohoo! I sent in our signatures a few minutes ago. I know IFs were on a trip this last weekend so I’m not sure when they were returning or when they will get their signatures emailed over. I made a note on the email that the clinic needs the clearance ASAP since they already sent my meds and I’m supposed to start them on 8/19 (1 week away!) I was waiting to write an update until I had the med schedule because she said she was sending it to me last week, but then on Friday changed her mind since they don’t have the official legal clearance. I’m hoping I can get it by Wednesday or Thursday, but I don’t know how long it will take to get the legal clearance info over to the clinic.

It’s great to have another thing checked off the list and be moving closer to the actual embryo transfer.

So last go around my husband did all my injections. This time there are some days he will be out of town hunting so I will have to either do the injections myself, or my back up plan is to have a friend who lives nearby come over and do them for me (I think she’s actually pretty excited to jab me with needles LOL) I’m hoping that I can manage to do them myself, but I absolutely couldn’t bring myself to do so we will see.

I’m excited to get home and check out all the meds that have been delivered…what a weird thing to be excited for LOL my fellow surros will totally understand what I’m talking about though! I think I mentioned before that I will be taking a lot more meds this time around and doing more injections that before. I’m really hoping that this new protocol works for me and my body does what it’s supposed to.

I’ll add a picture later of the array of goodies 🙂

Here they are! It seems a little intense, but at least some of the things are just vitamins or aspirin. Can’t wait to get my med calendar!


3 thoughts on “Contracts Done!

  1. Holy smokes that’s a lot of meds!! I’m excited that you get to move forward now! Do you have an idea of when the transfer would take place? Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly this time!

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