Tentative Date Set!

I was able to talk to my coordinator at the fertility clinic yesterday and pick a tentative transfer date! I have to call them with every CD1 anyway so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see if we could talk timing. She said we absolutely could since we’re hopefully almost done with contracts.

She offered Tuesday September 24th. I was hoping for a Thursday or Friday to limit the amount of time off work to save the IFs on lost wages for the hubs and I. Unfortunately the doctor at the clinic only holds times for transfer M-W and that week he only had slots on the 24th. So we went with a tentative date of Sept 24th! That means that I would start meds on August 19th (only 17 days away!) We just have to make sure we get the contracts taken care of before then which we should be able to do. I’m still waiting to hear back from the IFs lawyer to see if they requested any changes or not. I sent them an email on Monday and they usually reply within a few days so I’m wondering if maybe they’re out of town. They do like to travel and explore so they very well could be on an adventure!

I love having a date “on the books”, but I also know that so many things have to go just right to make that date “the one”. I’ll just be taking it one day at a time and doing what I need to so we can hopefully transfer 1 tiny embryo that I hope sticks around until next June!

Have a great weekend all!


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