First Draft

I received the first draft of the contract yesterday. While I had some other plans for yesterday morning, I decided to go over it instead since we’re going to be gone the next few days.

It’s not a short document, I think it was somewhere around 60 pages. Plus, it’s pretty bland reading so it can be hard to stay focused! I did get through it and made my comments on it then sent it to my lawyer. She was out of town until today and tomorrow is a holiday so I’m hoping to see something back from her come Mon/Tues. She will want to schedule a phone call to go over it together and make the changes we agree should be made (I don’t think I had many and the ones I did were just to clarify wording).

There was a note on the email from IPs lawyer that she will be out of town 7/12-7/22 and we will be out of town from 7/18-7/28 so I’m sure it will be August before we can get it finalized and signed. Once that’s done legal clearance will be sent to the fertility clinic and they will start putting together a transfer schedule. I’m hoping we can do the transfer around September 20th so that if everything goes well we can still go on our annual camping trip on Memorial Day with my in-laws. It’s not a huge deal to miss it and it’s possible the kids could still go with their Nana and Papa, but it would be great if it worked out. I think I mentioned before that I tend to think that things work out how they’re supposed to so if it’s meant to be then it will be and if not then that’s okay too.

This last weekend we took the kids to Great Wold Lodge and the zoo for their birthdays. Wyatt turned 6 on June 15th and Liv turned 4 on July 1st. They had so much fun and we all came home late on Sunday night exhausted. Tonight we’re headed out for a long weekend of camping at a lake that my family used to frequent when I was a kid. It should be a fun weekend of fishing, biking, exploring, and swimming!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of our weekend adventures and the amazing sky we saw on the way home. I wish I would have been able to stop and take some pictures, but it was late and we were all ready to be home.


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