Nothing New

This should be quick because I don’t have anything new to report šŸ™‚

My lawyer is out of the country until next Tuesday which is fine because it’s unlikely that the first draft will be sent to her by then. My guess is that it will take at least until next Wednesday if not the next week (factoring in the holiday next Thursday). It’s no big deal. I’ve accepted that we won’t be transferring until September which is totally fine. My preference for August was mostly so that if the first transfer failed, we could get another one in before my “blackout” dates. I’m available for a transfer from August to mid October, but then I need to wait until January so that I’m not due in the middle of next summer as we always have a lot of summer plans. I don’t want to disrupt my kids’ summer fun too much if I don’t have to. Obviously things can come and we would deal with those, but I’m not going to make plans now that will cause them to miss out on fun things.

Either way it really is fine and I actually liked being pregnant in the summer so I’m not too worried about it. It’s more about the excitement and anticipation and not being patient about it (which is exactly why I ended up applying 4 months before I originally planned too haha!).

In the next 32 days we are gone 19 of them and the ones that we are here for are going to be filled with planning, packing, cooking, work, swim lessons, Olivia’s birthday, and her summer preschool program. Now we just need the weather to realize that it’s summer and knock off the cool temperatures and thunderstorms…actually just the cool temps because I certainly don’t mind a summer thunderstorm as long as it’s still warm out!

Have a great week!


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