Lets Make It Legal

Last Friday the coordinator at the clinic sent out an email saying that as long as we had psych clearance we were medically cleared to move to the legal phase. She also said that my urinalysis tested positive for antidepressants and asked if I was taking them. She didn’t sound concerned about it and said that if I was that then we might just need to adjust the dosage prior to starting meds. Thing is…I’m not taking antidepressants and never have. I wrote her back and let her know that I’m not taking them. I have since found out that allergy medicine (I take an occasional Zyrtec and Benadryl) and, while I don’t remember specifically, it’s pretty likely I either took a Benadryl the night before or a Zyrtec that day. The agency case manager and I have both tried to reach out to the coordinator via email to see if I need to retest or not, but she is absolutely terrible at returning emails so I’m going to have to call either this afternoon or tomorrow to get an answer. I really hope she’s not like this the entire time she’s our coordinator, if she is I might have to ask to switch to the other one because in my dealings with him he is always responsive and answers emails within a reasonable amount of time (within 24 hours).

So now we’re starting the contract portion of this wild and crazy journey! I contacted the lawyer I used last time and she let me know that aside from a business trip at the end of this week she is available all summer. Hopefully it doesn’t take the IPs lawyers too long to get the first draft over to her. I always get kind of jealous when I see other GCs getting their contracts busted out in less than a month. I know that’s not necessarily the norm, but it sure would be nice haha! Either way I know everything will happen when it’s supposed to, the waiting is just hard. It would be really great if we could get them completed before we head out on our long camping trip on July 18th, but that would be pretty impressive. Considering all the things that need to be done between now and transfer, including 6 weeks on medication there’s really no way to have an August transfer so I’m hoping that mid September will be what we’re looking at. Again, if it doesn’t happen in August, then there’s a reason for it. I’m not religious, but I do subscribe to a bit of a fatalistic view (to a point to be sure) and I think that things usually work out how they were meant to. So I will just have to see where this journey goes and believe that the timing will be how it’s supposed to be.

We have a lot of fun stuff coming up that will keep me busy and occupied so I won’t be just sitting around wondering about it. Honestly the only time I do that is when I’m working in the office because I’m uncharacteristically sitting still for a long period of time and my mind has a chance to wander a bit. If I were to read these blog posts as an outsider it would probably seem that this has my entire life wrapped up in it. I promise that’s not the case. I work and have 2 kids plus it’s summer so we are go, go, go most of the time. If we’re not on a trip we’re getting ready for one. We’re taking the kids and a couple of their cousins to Great Wolf Lodge next week and the week after we have a camping trip. Once we get home it’s only 10  days until our long camping trip so I will busy prepping and planning!

Have a great week!


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