Sort Of Officially Medically Cleared

Last Thursday I had my annual appointment with my OB and yesterday the hubs got his labs drawn and sent to the clinic. At my appointment with my OB-GYN I asked how long it usually takes to get the PAP results back because that was the last thing the clinic needed (as far as I know) to be able to officially medically clear me. I was a little disappointed when she said that it takes around 2 weeks. Whomp whomp…here I was all excited that my blood work came back within 2 days, when with the last clinic it was 2 weeks. I thought we’d have it much faster this time. She did let me know that she would put a note in to have the assistant fax it to the clinic when it came in instead of waiting for the results to be mailed to me and me sending it to the clinic. That would cut it down by a couple days at least.

Fast forward to this morning, I got a call from my doctor’s office saying that my test results were back and everything was clear. She said that they would be faxing the results to the clinic. I was pleasantly surprised it took less than a week to get them back! I emailed the GC coordinator at the clinic and my case manager at the agency to let them know that we should have official medical clearance soon.

The GC coordinator at the clinic had mentioned before that she doesn’t always get to her emails and calling is usually a better way to get a hold of her. After a couple hours I gave her a jingle just to see if they had received the info from my doctor’s office or if I needed to follow up with them tomorrow and make sure it got sent. The coordinator, after a little digging, said that they did have the report. She went through the checklist of things I needed to get done before medical clearance and said that she was going to double check, but she was pretty sure I had everything done.

We chatted a little bit about next steps as she mentioned that she would start looking at timing for medication start and a transfer. I told her that I wasn’t sure how they do things, but that the last clinic had to have legal clearance before they would even consider talking about timing. I let her know that the agency needs an “official medical clearance” before they will start working on contracts. She said that she would be happy to send the agency an email once she double checked all my stuff and let them know we can move forward. We’ll see if that actually happens in a timely manner. She seems a little flaky. I asked her to send me a copy of their sample med calendar that I saw when I was there and she said she was going to do that….that was a few hours ago and nothing. Maybe I’m the odd one out here, but at my job when I tell a patient I’m going to send them something I do it within 15-20 minutes tops. This combined with her never returning my emails until I call and she goes “oh yeah, I saw that” I’m a little concerned about her ability to do things in a timely manner. Hopefully this isn’t a problem when cycling and things become a little more time sensitive. I will say that if I call, I’ve been able to get the info I needed. However, I’m not always in a position to be able to make a phone call. A quick email is much easier for me during the day than a phone call.

So while I’m not “officially” cleared, I’m pretty much cleared (as far as I know anyway) and hopefully we can get into contracts soon. I’m really, really hoping they don’t take 2 months again. The delay last time was the drafting lawyer taking several to get the draft to my lawyer. Then my lawyer left the country (which she didn’t mention she was doing), then came back and was slammed with work. It took her like a month to get the first draft to me to review. Once we got into it I really liked her and the way she handles the contracts so I would actually like to use her again. However, you can bet I’ll be asking about any upcoming travel plans and estimate to get the draft to me.

That’s the weekly update! Hopefully I have a better idea of a timeline this time next week.


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