Medical Screening…check!

Yesterday I donned my lucky pineapple shirt and pineapple necklace and took the 40min flight up to PDX for my medical screening at ORM Fertility. I love that our little airport doesn’t require a lot of time on a Tuesday morning. I got there about an hour early, breezed through security (so much easier when you don’t have 2 kids and a stroller haha!) and had plenty of time to hang out before boarding.I arrived in Portland about 8am and grabbed some breakfast before finding a comfy(ish) place to hang out until it was time to catch the MAX (light-rail train) to the stop near the clinic. The ride was about 45 minutes and I really enjoyed seeing all the sites as I haven’t been to Portland for some time and I haven’t been there by myself is ages.

I love all the bridges over the river…although I only know a couple of their names

The train goes right past my old office building from when I worked at the Army Crop of Engineers (I’m pretty sure they’ve relocated somewhere else…or the building has just been completely renovated).

The stop I got off at to walk to the clinic was the stop for Providence Park which is where the Portland Timbers and the Portland Thorns both play.

The clinic was just a few blocks from the train stop. I arrived about 20 minutes early so I had to wait just a bit. The clinic is very clean and very nice. The patients there were even dressed really stylish and I stuck out like a sore thumb in my jeans and a t-shirt haha! Oh-well I had a lot of traveling to do so I wanted to be comfortable! The staff and doctor were really nice and professional. The medical assistant helping me was very bubbly and friendly. I asked her if she knew my friend who used to work there and now manages their clinic in Washington and she said “oh yeah! She called me yesterday to let me know you were coming and to make sure you got the “VIP” treatment!” I told her I only asked because I knew that she was a personality my friend would like and get along with so I was curious if they were friends. I’m sure everyone would have been great even if she hadn’t called, but I thought it was really sweet that she did! We’re both bummed that I’m going there now and she’s just left to take care of the clinic in Washington. It would have been fun to see her when I go there.

The saline infusion sonohysterography showed a nice healthy uterus with no polyps or fibroids. The blood flow was good and the mock transfer (where they put the catheter in like they would when they transfer an embryo) went smoothly as well. After that they took some blood (like 7 vials worth) and measured my height and weight. Then I met with one of the GC coordinators (mine is off on Tuesdays) to go over some information. He basically went over dos and don’ts, a sample calendar, and what to expect as far as how much bed rest they require after the transfer and that sort of thing. This med protocol is fairly different than the one I did before and it has a few more meds than my previous protocol. I made sure to ask if the RE is willing to try other protocols if my body doesn’t respond to this one. The coordinator said that he is flexible and would try other combinations before recommending a new GC. I have seen stories of RE’s giving the GC one chance and if her body doesn’t respond they will recommend she be dropped by the IPs because they refuse to adjust the meds or protocol. I think that’s absurd as everyone’s body responds differently and a little adjustment may just be necessary.

I was happy to learn that we won’t be needing to do a mock cycle which is great. They only do them when they’re transferring fresh embryos so they know that the GC’s lining will respond to the protocol.

After all that was done I had some time to spare so I rode the train down to the water front and walked along the water (I actually have a whole blog post idea about this part because I was full on nostalgic for the Rose City, but that’s for another day). Then I hopped back on the train (I really do love riding the MAX. It’s so easy and they run often so hopping from place to place is super easy).

I made it back to airport and grabbed some lunch at MOD pizza. It was the first time I had been there, it wasn’t too shabby. While I was eating I got an email from the GC coordinator saying that they had already got some of my test results back and my TSH, Free T4, and vitamin D all came back normal. Those first two things are what measure thyroid function. That’s one of the things I was a little nervous about (I mentioned it here). I was so glad to hear so quickly that the numbers were good so I didn’t have to wonder about it very long. The rest of the blood work should be back either today or tomorrow at the latest.

I wrote an email to A & O letting them know how it all went and that so far everything had come back great and we should be able to move forward soon. After sending that I headed down to my gate to charge my phone for a bit.

The flight home was a little bumpy, but we made it and I was able to go pick up the kids from daycare and school so my husband didn’t have to leave work early. It was a full, busy day, but I can’t say enough how nice it was to be able to do it one day. While I would love to have a night alone in a hotel room and relax the logistics are harder (not impossible, just harder) and knowing that we’ll be doing that for the transfer made it helpful that this time it was a quick trip.

Tomorrow I have my annual appointment with my OB. ORM will need the chart notes and PAP results from that and then my husband has to have some blood work done which we’ll get done this weekend. After that we should be able to get medical clearance and move onto contracts! Last time we had to wait 2+ weeks to get all my blood work back and get medical clearance. I’m hoping the PAP results come back in a timely manner as that’s the only thing left that might take some time.

Chugging right along!! I guess those pineapples still have some good juju left in them!

*as an aside…I never take the time to proof read my posts so there is pretty much guaranteed spelling and grammatical errors, ignoring these is much appreciated LOL


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