Ba da bing ba da boom!

Remember a few weeks ago when things were taking forever and I was writing post that barely had any updates to them? Yeah, well now things are moving so quickly I haven’t been able to keep up, which is great!

I had to go back and look where I left off last time because we’ve had so much going on in just the last week. Last Friday the husband and I had our first psych evaluation. It was basically just her reading back her previous report from 2 years ago, making sure it was all still correct and making some updates. I think my husband said literally 2 words…actually I think it was the same word twice haha!

A and O had already had their meeting the day before so all we needed to do for psych clearance was do the group session. Her assistant was Johnny on the spot with getting it scheduled and we were able to do it Tuesday afternoon. Also kudos to the IFs for responding to her emails so quickly that we were able to make the appointment before the end of business on Friday since Monday was a US holiday.

We completed the group session with no hiccups. I honestly hate those appointments because I get put on the spot with having to answer a question that I have literally never given a thought to. She asked what went well in my last journey and what would I have liked to change or what would I like to do differently. Um…I don’t know. Most of the things that changed were things that my previous IFs did or didn’t do that I didn’t even realize I had a preference on. Most of the things that “changed” were just matching preferences because I didn’t realized I had a preference before. So I answered like that, but then she asked for more detail about the pregnancy and stuff and I started rambling like I do sometimes LOL I was going on about how I like that they trusted me enough to not micromanage me because I’m pretty independent and obviously know how to grow babies (smacks head, no shit). Then I tried to backtrack saying that I always welcome parent involvement however/whenever they want (which I absolutely do) and that I certainly don’t get a micromanage vibes from them so I’m sure we’ll be just fine. Overall I hated my answer and like I do, replayed about a hundred better ways I could have handled that LOL I do no do well thinking on my feet like that. I need to process the question and think about an answer otherwise I ramble out some nonsense. Oh-well I guess, I haven’t gotten an email saying that they want to back out so I think we’re okay haha!

On Wednesday I emailed the fertility clinic to let them know that is was CD (cycle day) 1. Medical screening appointments are almost always scheduled on certain cycle days so I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss this month’s window and have to wait until next month. I didn’t hear back that day so I sent an email to another contact at the clinic because, again, I didn’t want to miss this cycle’s window. The coordinator at the clinic called me yesterday and we were able to get the medical screening appointment set up for next Tuesday. So in a week and a half we’re going to have had all 3 psych appointments and the medical screening appointment. It’s going to be great to have all this checked off the list.

The medical screening appointments always make me a little nervous. A lot of what ifs run through my head until the clearance comes through (around 2 weeks after the appointment). What if there’s something going on in my uterus I didn’t know about? GCs had polyps found all the time during screening and have to have them removed before they move forward. My thyroid levels are always on the back of my mind because I’ve always been told I have a large thyroid. Every doctor I’ve ever seen comments on it (thanks for that insecurity everyone). I’ve had tests run, ultrasounds on it, and the like, but it’s always been just fine. I mean the tested it with this last surrogacy and my numbers weren’t wonky. There’s just always the worry that something has changed and I just don’t know about it yet. I will be more than happy when the appointment is over and the final blood test results are in. I’m choosing to be optimistic that everything will be just fine.

Upside to this go around is that the clinic is only a 40min flight from here so I can fly up in the morning and home in the afternoon. This makes it much easier on my husband with kids needing to be dropped off and picked up. Other upsides is that it saves IFs some money because I don’t need a hotel and I was able to schedule it on a day I already have off so no lost wages to cover, just a small amount for an extra day of daycare for one kid. My oldest is still in school for a bit longer so we don’t have to have childcare for him.

If all goes well we should be able to start legal before the end of June. I’m thinking September is a more realistic goal for a transfer which would be fine. There’s never going to be a perfect time to be due and when we (the husband and I) decided to start this journey earlier than we originally planned we knew that we may have to rearrange plans or not be able to do everything we normally do. We’ll just wait and see how it plays out. If they make me do a mock cycle (which I personally think are dumb, for lack of a more politically correct term) then it will push it back further. There’s no use in planning everything out because there will be changes and set backs and you just have to roll with them.

I’m excited to have things moving along so quickly and hopefully they continue to do so. Fingers crossed for on time flights and a smooth appointment on Tuesday!

Happy Weekend!


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