1st Psych Eval Scheduled

The counselor’s office contacted me via email yesterday and I was able to set up the first evaluation appointment for Friday morning. This appointment is done via Skype and is just the hubs and I. The next one will be all four of us. I was right in thinking this is the same person who did the eval last time. She personally sent me a quick note to say that since I did an eval 2 years ago that this appointment should just be about 15 minutes as we just need to update my previous record. Luckily the hubs and I both already took Friday off because we’re leaving for the coast that day so we don’t have to take any extra time off work for this appointment.

I’ve been trying to get an answer as to whether the fertility clinic requires psych clearance to be completed before they will schedule for the medical clearance, but my case manager hasn’t gotten an answer from them yet. I went ahead and emailed them myself using the email on their website. I doubt I’ll get an answer any faster than our CM, but it’s not going to hurt so why not. I don’t have a problem being proactive in getting things done, at least in the surrogacy process.

In other news I’ve been emailing back and forth with A and O getting to know them a bit which has been great. One thing I like about the agency we’re with is that they give our email addresses right after matching so IPs and GCs can start working on building a relationship right away. Other agencies make you communicate through them until after medical clearance or even after contracts. That would be so awkward! Every time you wanted to send IPs an email you would have to email it to the case manager who would then read it and forward it to IPs. Um…no thanks LOL I’m an adult and don’t need anyone screening my emails.

The agency also conducted a review of my insurance to see if it will cover a surrogate pregnancy. Apparently they have a “clear exclusion” which I though was interesting considering this is the same insurance plan that covered my previous surro pregnancy unprompted. IFs had purchased a surro friendly plan through the same company I have my regular insurance. The pregnancy stuff was only billed to the surro friendly plan. A few months in we got notice that my regular insurance was picking up a bunch of the bills. Since they were both through the same company they had caught that I had two insurances with them and both of them paid on the bills…who knows, insurance here is confusing AF. Since they already thought IFs would need to purchase a new plan for me my insurance coming up with an exclusion doesn’t mean anything in terms of moving forward. It was more just me trying to help out IFs to save them a little bit of $.

Next update when I have more info!


One thought on “1st Psych Eval Scheduled

  1. The issue with insurance is SO frustrating and confusing. For our first journey, I was so intimidated that I didn’t know how anyone did it without the help of an agency. This time around, I have a better idea of what to expect but with the insurance aspect, I have been ready to tear my hair out! We are planning to do an insurance verification through ARTrisk but I’ve heard that sometimes they come back and just say that an insurance is “maybe” surrogacy friendly. 😫 And their purpose is literally to go through benefits! I hope everything comes together for you as quickly as is possible!

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