It’s Official!

I am officially matched for my second journey as a gestational carrier! I heard back on Friday (yay for not having to wait the whole weekend!) that these IFs (We’re going to call them A and O) also wanted to move forward together. My excitement was tempered this time with the knowledge that this is only the very beginning of a long and extensive process. It’s not that I’m less excited about these IFs, I just have the understanding of what is ahead and some of the bumps in the road that could arise. I am so so happy to be on this path again and I really hope I’m able to help A and O get their baby in their arms. On the other hand I’m more realistic about a potential timeline than I was last time when it was basically all blind optimism.

We were able to get the escrow account set up on Friday as well. Today our case manager sent our info to the counselor who will be doing our psych evals. I’m pretty sure it’s the same lady we had last time, which will be great because she’s in the same time zone as us and it’s much easier to coordinate 2 times zones instead of 3.

If our CM (case manager) hasn’t already, she’ll send the info to the RE’s clinic (fertility clinic) and they will eventually call me and we’ll work on setting up a medical screening appointment. This will be contingent on my cycle days (menstrual cycle) as they will want to see me between certain cycle days. I’m hoping they contact me sooner rather than later so we can get an idea when I might be going up there.

The agency is also having my insurance reviewed to see if it will cover a surrogate pregnancy. Some insurances have a clause stating that they will not cover a pregnancy of someone acting as a surrogate. This is the same insurance I had during the last pregnancy and even though they had IFs buy a backup plan this one ended up covering it as well. We’ll see what they say. If it doesn’t then the IFs have other options for coverage and they and the agency will get something worked out.

So for now we’re just getting things in order and hopefully scheduling some appointments in the not too distant future. The more this is sinking in the more excited I’m getting! I really hope everything goes fairly smoothly this time around and come this time next year A and O either have their baby or are early anticipating his/her arrival!



One thought on “It’s Official!

  1. YAY!! This is so exciting! I too hope things go smoothly this time around. I’m glad you were able to be matched (relatively) quickly so you can start moving the process forward. 😊

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