The “P” Word

Patience is the name of the game…and it’s a game I’m not great at. Once again I’m just here waiting, but wanted to give a little update. As I had mentioned (I think) I had been hoping the prospective IFs would get my profile Monday after I sent in the one document I needed to. That afternoon the agency contact (N) told me that my profile should be that day or the next and then they would send it out. She told me she would let me know when it was sent out. Fast forward to today (Wednesday), I hadn’t heard anything about it being sent out so I went ahead and texted N to see if something was missing in my profile since it hadn’t been sent yet. She let me know that it was approved, but that one of the IFs is out of town on a business trip until at least Friday so they are waiting to send my profile until he returns.

Poor N, I bug her so much for updates I’m sure it drives her batty, but she hides it well LOL I try to give everything a couple days because I know they are a large agency that handles a lot of IPs and GCs, but honestly a couple days without an update is all I can handle before I ask. Like I’ve said 100 times, patience is hard for me! Reading through my blog posts from last time though, I was way more obnoxious that time LOL I emailed them all the time, probably because I had no idea how the process went and there was more to do last time. So I’m hoping that I’ll hear something by next Monday or Tuesday. I will try to wait until next Wednesday to bug N again if I don’t hear anything by then, but can’t promise I won’t send her a text on Tuesday afternoon 😉 Thankfully we have another busy weekend to pass the time!



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