Birth Story Part 2

So things chilled out pretty quickly after my husband left and the new family went to their own room. My bleeding quickly returned back to normal and my uterus was contracting back to size like it was supposed to. There were two nurses who were still wrapping things up with me. Because of the clot one of them had to be with me for two hours after she was born. They would massage my abdomen every 15 minutes just to help my uterine muscles stay on track. They were also checking my vitals to make sure those were stable.

They kept reminding me that room service closed at 11 and I should get something to eat, but nothing sounded good and I didn’t want to order something and have it sit there and get cold. I eventually ordered a strawberry milkshake and a pudding because that was the only things I thought I would be able to choke down. I wasn’t nauseous anymore, I just wasn’t hungry in the slightest. I was still a bit shaky off and on and the nurses brought some more warm blankets in which helped.

Around 11pm I was able to get up for the first time to try and use the bathroom. My legs were still a little wobbly, but I was able to make it to the bathroom without assistance. My bladder, however, was still fast asleep.

I headed back to the bed and decided to try to get some sleep. It was slow in coming and then I only napped for 30 minutes before I was up again and not able to fall back asleep. I turned on the TV and flipped through some channels. About 1am I called the nurse in because she still didn’t want me to walk to the bathroom on my own. After taking care of that business I mentioned I was now starving, but of course room service was closed. My sweet sweet nurse offered to go the cafeteria and bring me back something to eat. When she came back she felt so bad because they had pretty much nothing I had said sounded good. What she did come back with (a salad, chicken tenders, and a piece or pizza) I devoured…then laughed at the fact that I was scarfing down a bunch of fried food at 2am.

After satisfying my hunger I decided I’d probably sleep better if I changed my clothes so I did that and finally got some sleep from 2-6:15am when the nurse came in to check on me. After that the lab tech came in to draw some blood, and the anesthesiologist came in to make sure the epidural had worn off and everything felt okay. After all that commotion I couldn’t fall back asleep so I hung out, watched some TV, and ordered breakfast. There was another nurse change and we continued our streak of amazing nurses. Ser

I texted my husband and let him know that he could come around 11am. I took a bit of a nap then took a shower. My husband showed up when I was in the shower which was great because I needed some help getting out without making a mess…oh postpartum joys LOL

I had been in contact with the dads and we decided they would come by about noon and we could hang out a little before I left at 1pm. I ordered lunch and was just finishing it up when they came by. Colette was sleeping in her bassinet and we chatted for a bit. Then it was time for me to head home. We took a couple pictures as a group…just a fraction of the people who came together to bring this precious little girl into the world.

My recovery went pretty well as far as the birth part went. I didn’t have any tearing and since I didn’t have a newborn to take care of I was able to get some rest. After a day or two, I didn’t even feel like I had just given birth. Unfortunately I became pretty sick about 24 hours after she was born. I came down with what I’m pretty sure was bronchitis. Every night I had a high fever with chills. I was coughing non stop and wheezing when I breathed. Add on the fact that I was still anemic and I was exhausted. It was all I had to get the kids to school and daycare before coming home and crashing.

I took a month off work (well I worked a few hours from home) and by the time it was time to go back I was just finally feeling better with more energy. Now, 7 weeks after she made her entrance I feel great. I’m trying to exercise consistently to help shed not only the left over baby weight, but hopefully a little more than that. My problem is that I enjoy food….a lot LOL I’m okay with that though and mainly I just want to gain some strength and cardio fitness.

As for being a surrogate again…I’ll be applying with my agency again next summer and hopefully transferring in Jan 2020. People think I’m crazy for wanting to be pregnant during the summer, but I actually enjoyed it and the heat wasn’t too terrible. It’s hard to not start the process again right now, but I really want some time off. Surrogacy takes a lot of time and energy. I enjoyed it immensely and am so excited to do it again, but my kids are enjoying me having more energy for them and I’m enjoying giving my body a break from growing a human. Right now the plan is to just do this one more time, but I’m sure the hubs and I will reevaluate after the next journey and see where we’re at.

So there you have it…the complete (and incredibly long) story of how Colette made her entrance into the world to meet her dads. I love the updates they send me and it’s amazing to see how much she’s already grown and changed. I hope our relationship continues in the years to come. They mentioned bringing her back to Bend in the future to see where she was born and I would love that so much.

There will probably be a lot less blogging until I start the process over again next year. Hopefully I’ll remember to pop in every so often with what’s going on in our lives and with some updated pictures as Colette continues to grow! Thanks to everyone who has followed along and stay tuned for the next adventure 🙂



3 thoughts on “Birth Story Part 2

  1. Natalie – just can’t find the words to say what an incredible human you are. I have loved reading every post and following your amazing journey. You and AJ are a wonder to me and many others I’ve shared your story with. I’m so proud to be your MIL. ❤

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  2. I’m so glad your shared you journey. It’s an incredible thing to help people in this way, and I find the whole process fascinating. I had no idea that surrogacy was illegal in most of Europe! I find that strange since abortion is legal in most European countries (in Finland, up to 24 weeks!). I think it’s great that you want to do this again and I look forward to hearing all about it. Take care! 😘

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