Well it looks like we’re going to make it to our induction date tomorrow (which I had thought we would, but was hoping to be wrong). I’m a bit relieved in a sense because it’s my OB running the induction and likely delivering (as long as she doesn’t take more than like 24 to arrive) her. I love my OB and the induction/delivery she oversaw with my daughter so I’m thankful in that respect that we made it this far.

Weekly Update

How far along: 40+1

How big is baby: about the size of a Red Panda..I’m guessing she’s probably in the low 7s for weight, or maybe I’m just hoping she will be LOL

Symptoms: nausea, insomnia, tiredness, sore hips, lots of pelvic pressure

Movement: she keeps flip flopping her bum from one side to the other, which isn’t always comfortable.

Sleep: hahahahahahahahahahaha

Miss anything? Sleep, not being nauseous

Food cravings? salads, Mexican food, fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick? waking up early does not agree with my stomach

Progress: At my appt last week I was 3cm and had her sweep my membranes just in case it started anything (obviously it didn’t). I continued on the normal pattern of BHs and a few painful contractions in the evenings with nothing really coming of them. Today I’ve had what feel like more labor like contractions, but they are spaced out and inconsistent so I’m not making anything of them. Either way she’ll be here soon!

Best moment of the week? Watching Wyatt’s first soccer game on Saturday. He’s in a kindergarten league and it’s hilarious. He had so much fun and is definitely looking forward to his next game.


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