For whatever reason 37 weeks sounds so much further than 36. We’re at the point now where even though she would be considered “early term” she’s good to come any day now. Obviously we want her to wait until her parents are here so they don’t risk missing the birth or trying to find last minute international flights and a place to stay until their rental condo opens up.

Weekly Update

How far along: 37+1

How big is baby: about the size of a skunk (really, they couldn’t come up with a better animal than that?)…probably a little over 6 lbs and around 19 inches long.

Symptoms: off and on BHs, sore hips, swollen/sore feet. If I remember to take a heartburn pill at night it really helps keep it at bay the next day…but remembering is hit or miss LOL

Movement: She seems to have perked up again the last few days. She’s had a couple really big movements that I hope aren’t her moving from her head down position. I think it’s mainly her swinging her bum from one side to the other.

Sleep: I may have found what makes me sleep better. I used to walk for a half hour on the treadmill pretty much every night, but since summer started it’s been hard to make the time because we’re always outside until late. I finally made the time Saturday and Sunday night to hopefully help with the restless leg issue. After each time I spent some time on my yoga ball that arrived on Friday and the difference has been amazing already. I slept so much better both nights. I will have to continue to try and make the time to walk because it really does seem to help.

Miss anything? not having to pee all.the.time. It’s 1:30pm and I think I’ve gone to the bathroom maybe 10-15 times…it’s getting a little ridiculous. I can’t wait until I’m about to explode either because that triggers BHs and once I stand up the additional pressure from her makes it hard to get to the bathroom

Food cravings? some sweets, but mostly fruit…like all the fruit LOL my favorite it to get some strawberries, grapes, and blueberries (or whatever other berry is on sale) and mix in some vanilla Greek yogurt…sooooo yummy!

Anything making you queasy or sick? not really…my gag reflex has gone back to 1st tri status and I have to try to keep it in check when I brush my teeth

Progress: Honestly I’ve felt like a ticking time bomb. I have absolutely no reason to think she’s going to show up early, but I’m constantly wondering/worrying I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night with contractions or that my water is going to break any minute. I think it’s because if she decided to make her appearance now it’s likely her dads would miss the birth, but things are about to get really hectic in our family schedule with my oldest starting Kindergarten on the 5th. So while it’d be great if she came a little early that would mean her dads missing her birth and that would be really sad. So then it’s better if we make it to the induction date of 9/11, but that seems so far away and I’m feeling kind of done at this point. Anyway, all that to say I’m not having any labor signs. I have an OB appt on Wednesday. I don’t know if she’ll check dilation or not. If she was planning on it then I won’t refuse, but if she wasn’t then I don’t know that I’ll ask her too. Being so type A and wanting all the information even if it doesn’t predict labor might make it hard to not ask so we’ll see how I feel that day. At this point we/I won’t be doing anything to try and bring on labor. She can still benefit from cooking a little bit longer and of course we all want her parents there when she arrives. That being said I wouldn’t have a problem if she wanted to show up the night of 9/2 the day her parents get to town, although I’m sure they’d like a day or two to settle in first LOL

Best moment of the week? we got the kids a little 10 gallon aquarium for their room this weekend and they are so excited about it. They each got to pick out a fish for it and they love watching their fish swim around.


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