So where have I been? I had been so good about weekly updates…honestly I was doing better than I did with my own kids. Then our whirlwind last 3 weeks hit. The kids went to my parents’ house for 4 nights as their babysitter was on vacation. The hubs and I spent that entire time working and getting ready for our two week camping trip. I would get home from work and not sit down until at least 10pm every night. I was exhausted! Then the kids came home on Thursday and Saturday we left for 2 weeks of camping which was so much fun.

Our first stop was Loon Lake with my husband’s family. We all had a blast (even though my 3 year old was still refusing to poop and spent most of the days whining unless she was on the boat). The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. It was great to just hang out with family by the lake and relax a bit.

After we were done at the lake we headed to the coast with my side of the family. While we were at the coast the temperatures at home climbed above 100 degrees and we were thrilled to be 30-40 degrees cooler. Some people might be bummed about 60 degree temperature during a beach vacation, but I certainly wasn’t. First off, it’s the Oregon coast and any day it’s not raining is a good day. Secondly, we had some sunny says, but honestly the summer sun beating down on me was not what I was looking for. Our best days on the beach were overcast, about 60 degrees, and no wind. It felt amazing. I enjoyed not sweating like a pig and not having my feet swell up everyday 🙂

Now we’re back to reality and heading into the home stretch of this pregnancy!

Weekly Update

How far along: 36+3

How big is baby: about the size of a Chihuahua…about 6lbs and 19 inches long

Symptoms: more BH contractions, some painful contractions (but not full on labor painful), heartburn fairly constantly, tired, achy, swollen feet….all the super fun end of pregnancy stuff 🙂

Movement: She’s not as active as she was a month ago because she’s running out of room, but she still passed her kick counts with flying colors.

Sleep: honestly? It sucks…I typically wake up around 4:30-5 and can’t fall back asleep for a couple hours which is right when I need to be getting up for the day.

Miss anything? a good night’s sleep…this might be what I’m looking forward to the most after delivery

Food cravings? sweets and fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick? not really, if I eat too much (for example a huge salad and personal size pizza LOL) I’m more just really uncomfortable not nauseous

(Adding in a new category since we’re getting close to the end)

Progress: I was going to call this part “labor signs”, but that seems misleading since none of the signs/symptoms are going to signal labor until I’m actually in labor so I went with “Progress” instead. As I mentioned, I’ve had some more painful contractions, but only like a 3/10 on the pain scale. They aren’t terrible, but I definitely notice them. At my OB appt on Monday I saw a doctor other than my regular OB and she did a cervical check. I was super surprised when she said I’m about 2cm dilated already. That absolutely doesn’t mean that labor is anywhere close, but I looked at it as 2 cm I don’t have to do later LOL It also means that if we make it to the 9/11 induction date that it has a better chance of going smoothly. I’m not sure if my regular OB will do another check next week or not. Some people refuse them because they don’t like them, don’t want to get their hopes up that labor is near, don’t want to irritate the cervix, or a number of other reasons. Me on the other hand like to have all the information I can. I already know that it doesn’t mean I’m having this baby anytime soon, but I like knowing that I only have 8cm to go instead of 10! The doctor also confirmed that she’s head down (which she has been for several weeks) which is good. Hopefully she’s comfy that way and doesn’t try to turn around. Some of her movements feel huge so after them I’m usually checking to see where her body parts are.

Best moment of the week? enjoying the cooler weather last week and just being on a family vacation. I love watching our kids have so much fun with their cousins and just enjoying camping like my husband and I did when we were kids (although our kids are pretty spoiled by the fact that we have a travel trailer that includes bunk beds for them).


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