Nothing really new going on this week since I already posted about the GD test results and the induction date. It’s definitely a relief for me to have an end date and I’m sure it takes a little stress off of the dads to know that they won’t be waiting here for 2+ weeks for a baby. Since they have to stay in Oregon for about 2-3 weeks after the baby is born to get paperwork sorted out, I think knowing that they won’t need to spend extra time waiting on the baby to arrive probably helps them plan. I’m sure they’ll be more than ready to head home after a month here.

Weekly Update

How far along: 32+1

How big is baby: about the size of an naked-tailed armadillo, around 18 inches long and about 4 pounds

Symptoms: There’s been an uptick in Braxton Hicks the last week I think due, at least in part, to the heat. I have heartburn what feels like constantly. I have Tums stashed pretty much everywhere. It helps if I don’t let my stomach get empty, but sometimes it seems to happen for no reason. Still some minor swelling my feet which I expect to stay with me until she arrives

Movement: We spent the first half of Saturday walking around and she was very quiet until we got back in the truck and I sat down. She also picks up her activity right before I go to bed.

Sleep: Not great, but not terrible. Last night wasn’t restful, but that was because of my own kids and the fact that it was warm in the house

Miss anything? not being so tired or getting out of breath so easily

Food cravings? sweets, Mexican food, sandwiches

Anything making you queasy or sick? eating too much. My stomach is definitely getting more cramped in there

Best moment of the week? We went camping for the weekend a couple hours south of our house. There’s a place there called the Train Mountain Railroad and it’s 37 miles of track for miniature/model trains (big enough for people to ride on though). Every Saturday during the summer the members and volunteers give free rides to the public on about a mile and half of track. It was a blast. The waiting/concession area was nice and shady as was most of the track we rode on. They open at 10 and we got there about 10:30. There was hardly any wait, which is always a bonus when you have kids. We were able to take two rides and have some snow cones. Wyatt and Olivia both really enjoyed themselves and mentioned more than once how much fun it was. We really enjoyed the area and I’m already planning on another trip next summer.


3 thoughts on “32+1

  1. You always seem to be doing something fun! That place looks awesome. I hear it’s sweltering there, but we’re not much cooler on this side of the pond (mid to high 80’s). I hope you manage to keep cool and the kids behave for you. 😉 I can’t believe how grown up Olivia looks!

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    • In the summer we definitely stay busy. We’re so confined in the winter that when the warm weather comes we want to bust out LOL Well, you know what I’m talking about! It has been super warm, but I’m hanging in there. Thank goodness the trailer had AC last weekend! I’m so looking forward to our two week camping vacation, half of which is at the coast so it should be cooler!


      • I definitely know what you’re talking about! That’s pretty much been this month for us, then Hubster is back to the grind hard core through November. I’m not looking forward to it.

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