No GD!

I had my OB appointment this morning and she right away told me congratulations on not having GD this go around 😁 She did say it was close, but a pass is a pass. I don’t have to do any blood sugar monitoring, no nonstress tests, or any of the other stuff that goes along with it. Obviously I don’t need to go crazy on the sugar and carbs, but I also don’t need to stress when I want to have a cookie (or two 😜)

We also talked about induction options. I had discussed with the dad’s that I would prefer not to go past 41 weeks and for convenience reasons I’m willing to induce closer to 40 weeks if they’d like to do that. They have to wait at least 2-3 weeks after she’s born to get all the paperwork done and get her home which I’m sure they’ll be anxious to do. They were of a similar mind about not going past 41 weeks and said if my OB and I are okay with it they wouldn’t mind having it done closer to my due date. My OB said that while she absolutely wouldn’t do an elective induction before 39 weeks (which we don’t want anyway) she is comfortable inducing between 40 and 41 weeks. My OB looked at her schedule and gave two dates that she’s on call 9/11 and 9/16. We both agreed 9/16 was too far out so we went with the 9/11 date. It’s too early to book with the hospital, but once we’re able to, we’ll get it on the books. It’s nice to have an end date. The hardest part at the end of my first pregnancy was not knowing when he’d arrive. I’m too type A to enjoy any of the “unknown” and I am much more relaxed and at ease when there’s a plan.

Other than that everything looks great and baby’s heartbeat was nice and strong. She even did some acrobatics for the doctor.

Rolling right along to 32 weeks….


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