This weekend the hubs and I drove down to Reno to attend a wedding in Virginia City. We had a great time and enjoyed a little time without the kiddos.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 21+1

How big is baby: about the size of a least weasel or a baby bok choy…~10.5 inches long

Symptoms: Round ligament pain although it’s seemed a little better this last week.

Movement: She has about 3-4 good “sets” of activity a day. If the waistband of my pants are squishing her or if I’m sitting in position that pushes on her she definitely lets me know about it with lots of wiggling and kicking. I picture her in there going “Hey lady! You’re squishing me in here!”

Sleep: it’s been, ok…Obviously I don’t sleep through the night and won’t until she’s born, but my middle of the night round ligament pain subsided a bit this last week so that’s been helpful

Miss anything? sleeping through the night

Food cravings? taco salad, waffles, and salad…not together though LOL and sweets which is typical for me 🙂

Anything making you queasy or sick? too much sugar…pretty sure we’ll be riding the gestational diabetes train again. Hopefully it’s as easy to deal with as it was last time

Best moment of the week? spending the weekend in Reno with the hubs.

Next appointment: OB appt on May 16th


3 thoughts on “21+1

    • It really was nice to get away. You know how hard it is when you don’t live near family even moreso than we do so the times we can sneak away are appreciated. How funny your parents were there! They didn’t attend a wedding did they? Because that would be weird LOL

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      • I can’t wait for my parents to visit. It will be the first time we can actually get away. They even offered to let us stay in their air bnb overnight while they watch Little Man! So yes, I know it’s difficult, but oh so appreciated.
        No, they weren’t there for a wedding, unfortunately. A family friend passed away a couple months ago. Still, it’s such a small town!

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